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Riverview Events

SEPTEMBER 30 (tilled) & OCTOBER 31 (no till)

Fall Plot Clean-Up Deadlines


September 30, for "tilled" plots


October 31, for "no till" plots


Is my garden plot "tilled", or not?


Each garden plot is labelled either "tilled" or "no till" - this information is found in your membership renewal package.


Annually, at the end of September, RGS will arrange to have designated plots "tilled" under.


What does clearing your plot mean?


  • Any vegetation on your plot must be chopped into six inch (6") or less sized bits OR removed from your plot and hauled to the compost bins.

  • All fencing and materials should be removed from your plot and from the garden border.

  • Water cubes and other paraphenalia must be moved beyond the grass driveway, to ensure gardeners can still drive around.

  • All unwanted materials should be taken to your home for garbage/recycling collection.


After tilling all materials, including water cubes, can be placed neatly on your plot for winter storage.

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