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Riverview Garden Society

Policies and Procedures

Updated April 2015

  1. Plant vine vegetables such as cucumber, squash, and pumpkin at least 6' from plot borders.  Install structures such as a fence, trellis, or water cube at least 6'' from plot borders. If used, fences must allow an ample and free passage of light. They should, normally, be no more than 4' high, and must be made of safe materials (i.e. no rusty metals or broken branches).

  2. Plant aggressive suckering plants such as raspberry and mint should be planted in common areas. If you wish to plant them on your plot, mint must be potted and raspberries must be 6’ from neighbouring plots and are to be in rows no wider than 3 feet. Please contact the Society if you wish to plant any kind of perennial on your plot to ensure this will not create a problem, as the spread of these plants into adjacent gardens is strictly prohibited.

  3. Do not throw or leave any materials (e.g. weeds, stakes) in the 4' outer border or grass area. As well as being untidy and hazardous to others, these materials inhibit border cultivation and grass cutting by city crews. This could also jeopardize our city lease.

  4. Drop materials such as compost, soil, or manure outside the 4' outer border and move them to your plot by wheelbarrow to avoid damage to adjacent plots. Gardeners are also welcome to use compost taken from designated compost bins. Materials imported into a garden must not contain rocks, concrete, asphalt, wood, large gravel, plastic, salt, or any toxic material. Soil in raised beds must be of good quality so that it can be spread when the beds are removed.

  5. On tilled-plots, harvest all crops and move all gardening materials such as boards, stakes, plastic, twine, wire, tin cans, tools, etc. to wooded areas by September 30. After fall tilling return all such materials back to your plot for winter storage, as anything left in wooded areas will be considered abandoned and will be removed.

  6. Organic material, including stalks and vines if chopped into 12'' pieces, may remain on the plot.  Contributions to compost bins are also welcome but no non-organics, string, sticks, or animal by-products. Please pile corn or sunflower stalks neatly at the front of designated compost bins to facilitate fall shredding.

  7. Gardeners who fail to control weeds and grass in their garden will be asked to rectify the situation. If steps are not taken to correct the problem within 14 days, a "plow under" will occur.


  8. A damage deposit of one year’s rent will be required for a plot that the Society considers to be "at-risk". Membership in the Society may also be withdrawn if a gardener:

    • fails to control weeds, grass, or authorized perennials during a growing season, or when asked, fails to eradicate them from their plot by a specified date.

    • is on a tilled-plot, and fails to prepare the organic materials and/or remove boards, stakes, plastic, twine, wire, tin cans, etc. from their plot prior to fall cultivation.

  9. The Society is not responsible for any damages due to vandalism, theft, flood, wind, rain, or hail.

  10. The use of pesticides and herbicides in and around garden plots has been prohibited since 2010.


Page updated: March 2016

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