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Executive and Advisory Committee Members



Rod Kueneman

Common Area Coord. & Past President

Rod Kueneman has been a member of the Society since 1997.  He is an avid gardener and has been very active in helping develop community gardening sites and programs as the VP of Sustainable South Osborne Community Coop for the past several years.


Rod is around the gardens on a daily basis during the growing season and is happy to hear your suggestions, help you with your concerns, and discuss how you can help strengthen the Society and the South Osborne community.

(p) 204-688-1060

Wayne Antony

Composting Coordinator

Meghan Trueman

Website Manager

Meghan joined RGS in summer 2013, and is working with other RGS members to share with you our gardening experiences and Society news.


Contact Meghan with your gardening story, or if you have a photo or article to share!


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Roselle Miko

Vice-President & Grounds Coordinator



Anne Lindsey

Environmental Coordinator

Anne has been gardening with RGS for 20+ years, and took on environment responsibilities due to a concern over the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. She's happy that we adopted a pesticide-free policy, and continues to lobby the hospital to cease spraying their lawns adjacent to the gardens.


As Environmental Coordinator, Anne ensures that the gardens are in a buffer zone for any City-initiated mosquito spraying, advocates in general for environmental improvements at the gardens. Anne is happy to talk to gardeners about organic methods of growing food, including non-chemical pest management. She also encourages all gardeners to attend the harvest pot-luck, which she initiated many years ago.

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